Help Wanted: Short Order, prep and Line Cooks

Immediate Employment - On the Job training

Our busy restaurant kitchen needs to hire both Short order and line cooks.   We have job openings for cooks that can prepare an eclectic meal menu, comfort food and traditional bar fare.   We also need short order and line cooks that can operate a flattop, char broiler and deep fryers. Experience preferred, but will consider training candidates that demonstrate a willingness to learn.   Pay based on experience.

Click or touch Here to see a few Photos.   The best and fastest way to get through to the powers at be is to use the form below.   This site relays your contact information directly to the owner's cellphone.   You are also welcome to stop by, snoop around and fill out a paper application, but if we are busy, our customers come first.   You may have to wait a bit.

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